International Conference of Physics Students!

  Registration will be open from the 15th of February, and early registration will last until the 29th of March.

Please note that only members of IAPS can attend. If you are unsure about your membership status, look at this webpage. If there is a member organization in your country/city/university and you are a member of that organization, you are also a member of IAPS. In this case you may not become an Individual Member of IAPS. If there is no such organization you may become an Individual Member for 10 €, which you can pay along with your registration fee. There will be membership control at ICPS so please bring confirmation of your membership to the conference with you.

The early registration fee is 160 € and the late registration fee is 180 €. The registration fee will be calculated by the time of payment, not the time of registration on the website (this means that if you pay before the 29th of March you will be charged 160 €, if you pay latter you will be charged 180 €). An invoice will be available for download after the arrival of your payment.

After you register you will have to confirm your registration via email. After that, we will send notification whether we have accepted your registration or not, which will take some time. You will be able to pay the registration fee after this notification.

Those who wish to give a lecture or present a poster will be favored when accepting applications. After logging in with your registration you will be able to give details of the planned lecture or poster. To be favored during the acceptation of the applications, you will have to give a planned title of the lecture and/or poster, at least a draft of your abstract, and the field of science your topic belongs to. Final confirmations on whether you can give a lecture or present a poster will be given later than the acceptations of registrations. After the conference you will be able to download a certificate that you gave a lecture or presented a poster at ICPS.

Lectures should be 15 minutes long, and both lectures and poster should be in English.

For those who require a visa to Hungary, you will be able to download an invitation letter after the arrival of your registration fee.


Registration information


2 thoughts on “International Conference of Physics Students!

  1. S.

    Salut, exista vreo modalitate sa intru in contact cu niste studenti din anul 4 de la Fizica ? Un forum sau un grup de discutii m-ar interesa, as vrea sa dau la master la voi si am nevoie de niste informatii.

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